Garden River Wellness Centre
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Pharmacy Services

The Pharmcy Services provides a pharmacist on site every Thursday for Garden River Members. Pharmacists are medication experts that can do much more than just dispense medications. They are a key members of the healthcare team who work with other health professionals to help individualize your medications. They can help with disease prevention, nutrition, general health and wellness. 

The pharmacist will be available by appointment to provide the following: 

  • Medication reviews to help explain medication reason for use, suggest the best timing for your mediciations, and screen for side effects
  • Explanation and review of drug interactions and how to manage them 
  • Advice or information on over-the-counter medications
  • Assistance with diabetes management (including insulin adjustment)
  • Glucometer training and demonstration of advanced features
  • Assistance with blood pressure monitoring and assessment
  • Advice on smoking cessation
  • Information and recommendations about vaccines
  • Suggestions for proper medication disposal
  • Home visits incollaboration with homecare nurses
  • Addiction services including Suboxone induction consultations

The pharmacist will also be providing education sessions and in-services for the community members. 

To reach the pharmacist contact Brittany Belleau ext. 269 or Nicole Pelletier ext. 250 or ask your provider at the Garden River Wellness Centre.