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Beauty From Ashes is a five-day intensive healing program that addresses issues related to domestic violence, child sexaul abuse/child neglect, and spiritual abuse. It is targeted towards female and male adults 18 and over. The residential programming is offered at the Dan Pine Healing Lodge which can house 12 participants (3 per room) per session. All meals are provided. Travel to and from the Dan Pine Healing Lodge is at the participant's expense. 


Participants must: 
•    Be 18 years of age and over.
•    Complete the intake application.
•    Stay at the HL for the full 5 days (mandatory).

Intake Process

The intake process is completed by the Intake Worker at least a month before the Beauty From Ashes session. The intake process assesses the participants to find out where they are in their current life situations ie: past or current abuse/harm, drug use, coping mechanisms etc. Once the intake process is completed and all requirements/readiness have been met a Confirmation letter is sent out. Participants can also attend more than one BFA if they need to. Through the application and assessment process participants are selected and placed into groups which will provide the most therapeutic value.

LINK to Application Package

The Beauty From Ashes Team

The BFA team is made up of:
•    Group Leaders (primary facilitators of program – 2 Group Leader’s per 6 participants)
•    Care Team x 2
•    Individualized Care Counsellor (provision of 1-1 counselling during programming when required – 24 hr service)  
•    11 individuals to teach the modules and share their personal stories.

Group Leaders consistently model (for participants) appropriate ways of responding to people’s stories; through this interaction, participants not only learn how to respond to others, but realize that the behaviours of those around them are rooted in childhood experiences, helping participants learn to reduce judgement of others and increase their level of understanding and compassion for themselves and others.

BFA Modules

  1. Breaking the Silence
  2. The Heart of Responding
  3. Longing for Mom/Dad
  4. Innocence Stolen
  5. Living Without Safety
  6. The Cost of Shame
  7. Living Angry
  8. Relational Styles
  9. A New Beginning
  10.  My Action Plan
  11.  A New Identity

Anticipated Outcomes

The Beauty From Ashes programming helps participants identify childhood experiences that have impacted their behaviour today and through the curriculum teachings, sharing their stories, and gaining tools to make changes, they’re able to reduce the impact of historical trauma to their personal health/family well-being.


Throughout the week the participants start with learning the importance of Breaking the Silence and move through each curriculum module by personal involvement. They listen to the personal stories of others (relevant to each module) including the presenter, their group leaders and their group participants.


Each participant must share their personal stories by writing a letter to (a) someone who hurt them, and (b) someone they’ve hurt. This helps participants to make connections between childhood experiences, the behaviours that we take on to protect ourselves as children and how those behaviours are impacting their relationships today.


By the end of the week, participants have come to an understanding of: 

  • How their childhood experience still impacts them today and their relationships with their children, friends, peers, co-workers, etc. and are given tools to make change.
  • How past harm plays into the current ways we relate to and interact with those around us
  • How to walk alongside others who desire to resolve the pain and wounds of their past
  • Healthier ways of relating to and interacting with those they care about and / or come into contact with
  • New and improved coping skills to help manage stress, pain, disappointment and hardships
  • How to safely enter conflict in such a way that invites healthier relationships and more meaningful and positive outcomes with others

BFA Program Perks

  • Gift Bags- travel mug,  shampoo conditioner
  • Body wash, brush, toothbrush/paste,
  • Journal, pen, note pad.
  • Evening Activities
    • Crafts: smudge kits, painting, beading.
    • Tie Blankets
    • Self Care: foot/hand massage, back massage

For more information please contact Dan Pine Healing Lodge Intake Worker Laurie Souliere - ext. 228.



BFA Monthly Support Group


Beauty From Ashes Video


Advanced Leadership Education Training is a three-day training program to help prepare participants to become Beauty From Ashes group leaders and/or Beauty From Ashes module teaching presenters. 


  • Minimum of at least one Beauty From Ashes session (or more). 

Once ALET training is complete selected group leaders will shadow during a Beauty From Ashes session with seasoned/trained leaders. 

Module teaching presenters are required to do a teach back before an actual Beauty From Ashses presentation.